How do I know if he’s in the “shu” (isolated)?


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How do I know if an inmate was thrown into solitary confinement in federal prison? All communication stopped abruptly, everything was fine for months… I’m so confused. He would have told me if something was going on. Would they have given him a chance to make a phone call or anything if he was caught with contraband?
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Not really a way to know for sure. You could call the facility and ask, but they probably wouldn’t disclose.
I called earlier and all the guy told me was “if you go to our website you’ll find more information there,” after I specifically asked for the status of an inmate and whether they’re still allowed to take/make calls — didn’t say much else. I knew what the information on their website displayed and it obviously doesn’t include much more than the facility name and projected release date. However, that was his response after looking up the register number I provided when he asked for it. So, I would think that he looked up the register number and then resorted to the website thing. Do you have an opinion on what that means?


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Well they won’t tell you directly (as you found out). But if you call and ask about visiting that inmate, they will tell you that there is no visitation if they are in the shu. Because if they are in the shu, there is no visitation.
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