Projected release date


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My LO projected release date was 2026 and is now 2025.... does this mean he cannot work on credits etc to be released earlier? Or is 2025 set in stone. He went in 2013... any help would be great...thank you.
"Good time" in the federal system works out to 54 days per year, but the projected release date already takes that into account (it assumes you are getting good time, rather than assuming you aren't). There are ways to lower your time (beyond good time), but they are very specific and not available to everyone. The RDAP program for example if his crime was drug related (he can go through the RDAP program which takes about a year to complete to cut some time off).

Your best option to find out why his sentence was reduced would be to ask him. I suspect he'll know why (maybe he completed the RDAP program, or maybe the court reduced his sentence).

He can still get good time, but his projected release date is his release date if he continues to *have* good time. If he gets in trouble, his projected release date will go further into the future (he can lose up to 54 days per year).