In transit


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I'm new to this what does in transit me .My finance was transferred yesterday but when I put in his information it says in transit.
In-Transit just means he’s being moved to a different facility. It could be a different prison, an RDAP facility, halfway house, etc.
It says someone is in transit but they haven’t surrendered yet. Anyone know what this means
Don't know for certain, but I'm guessing it's just a placeholder. *Technically* after someone has been sentenced, and before they surrender, they are "in-transit" to the facility, right? :)
Really only can just ask them. When you are sentenced, you can request a specific facility, but until your paperwork is processed by the Bureau of Prisons, that's all it is (a request). They will notify the person of the facility they are to report to, but that's not public info.

So either need to wait until they report, or you need to ask them where the BoP places them.