I think the best person to answer that would be the inmate's case manager. It's literally their job to help with that sort of thing and know what's going on with the inmate's case. The case manager would also be aware of the status of the inmate's participation in "Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs and Productive Activities", which is what they would need to be doing to earn time credits under the FSA program.
So I emailed about the first step act his case worker told him that the bop suppose to change his date because she put in for it and it still hasn’t changed so we thought it was someone else we can contact to get it corrected. Because he in a low facility and he has and still taking all his classes.
I don’t think you get credit until it’s actually been completed. BoP isn’t that nice where they give you time of if you promise to do something in the future. 😀

Also, FSA doesn’t always give time off… Sometimes the release date is the same but they qualify for a halfway house or home confinement earlier for them to finish their sentence. It varies from case to case, but they definitely aren’t going to give you an earlier release date until the program is finished.