Federal Prison Info - Butner Medium I FCI

Info and population history for Butner Medium I FCI.

Butner Medium I FCI
Privately Owned/Run
Inmate Gender
Security Level
Mid-Atlantic Region (Eastern Time - 3:38 PM)
Distance From You
approx. 214 miles
Current Population
553 (historical population data available to subscribers)
Phone Number
Old Nc Hwy 75
Butner, NC 27509
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    Burner1 is like a college campus.I've been to 5 different mediums and butner was by far the best to do time at.the food was great the units was nice and clean.the staff was great.the only bad thing is there's a lot of sex offenders and rats theres.but stay to your self and it's a great laid back place to do time at.I was only there two months.but what time I was there it was by far the best.
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  • This was built by because it would have been nice to know historical population statistics before asking the judge for a certain location at sentencing.