Federal Prison Info - Edgefield FCI

Info and population history for Edgefield FCI.
Edgefield FCI
[email protected]
Southeast Region (Eastern Time - 11:46 PM)
approx. 440 miles
1,546 (historical population data available to subscribers)
501 Gary Hill Road
Edgefield, SC 29824
1.50 star(s)
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    The weather isnt the only thing here that was "hot". Almost seemed like a dumping ground for the cheese eaters. Food was so so unless you had a hook in the culinary program. Staff was hit or miss, some of them let you do your time others couldnt even spell respect. Mail call was interesting, I wonder how most of the staff can read their own names.
    2.00 star(s) by R. P.,
    It's the worst place in the bop you can be sent to.the staff there is awful.They have no programs at all.the administration could care less.the food is awful.the units are nasty.the only good thing about that place is the staff that works in the facility dept.all other staff there treated u like trash.They don't want to do there job at all.
    1.00 star(s) by J. M.,

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